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What is unhappiness at work?

Unhappiness at work, affecting employees and managers alike, is often the result of unsuitable working conditions and an imbalance between work and personal life.

It manifests itself in phenomena such as burn-out, bore-out or brown-out. In the face of this, it is essential to encourage communication and implement preventive strategies.

In particular, a study shows that one in five French people share their unhappiness with their manager (Automatic Data Processing survey, 2019), illustrating the importance of trust.

What are the main causes of unhappiness at work?

Unhappiness is rooted in a variety of factors, whether physical, organisational or emotional. These include excessive workloads, time pressures and economic constraints.

According to the French Ministry of Labour (DARES), psycho-social risks play a major role, including the quality of workplace relations and emotional management. Stress and work-life balance are central issues.

Healthy inter-professional relations, as highlighted by OpinionWay, are vital, as is recognition for the work done.

Warning signs of suffering at work Symptoms of unhappiness include:

How do you respond to unhappiness at work?

When faced with unhappiness, it is important to identify the signs and encourage dialogue. Raising awareness of psychosocial risks is crucial. 

Assess the causes, implement measures to improve working conditions and ensure follow-up. The aim is to identify and resolve unhappiness at its source.

Well-being at work, multiple benefits


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Employer branding is the key to attracting
today's culture-focused candidates.

According to a 2007 LinkedIn study, 69% of specialists now recognise that employer branding has a significant impact on their ability to hire.

The quality of life at work and the atmosphere on your premises are the key elements of your employer brand.

Turn your employees into ambassadors for your company

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