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What is a company's
Social Performance?

A company’s ability to integrate social, ethical and environmental objectives into its activities and relationships is called Social Performance, which guarantees its economic viability. 

This includes employee well-being, with 3 priorities:

  • Promoting mental well-being, prevention and detection
  • Guaranteeing care paths
  • Improving living conditions and social inclusion.

What is the cost of unhappiness at work?

Work-related ill-being cost $11,400 per employee per year, including disengagement, high staff turnover, sick leave and workplace accidents.

In addition to these direct expenses, additional consequences have been observed, such as :

  • increased team stress 
  • reduced commitment of each employee 
  • increased errors  
  • reduced work quality. 

The employer branding is also impacted by these problems, limiting innovation and the ability to recruit new talent.

Stress au travail


More committed if they develop themselves and learn


Happier and committed if the company has welness programs


Would recommend a company that is not committed to improving workforce well-being

How can we maintain good Social Performance?

By ensuring that indicators for :

  • Employee self-knowledge
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Profile recognition and valorization

each employee becomes a stakeholder in the company’s extra-financial Performance.

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Newday Care,
the Social Performance platform for companies

Identify and track your employees’ real needs and expectations in terms of commitment and motivation at work.

Enhance your best practices and measure the impact of your points of attention.