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with others

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What is Self-knowledge?

Self-knowledge means becoming aware of our own abilities, values, expectations and needs. It comes down to identifying who we really are, what motivates us, what limits us, what defines us. It is the result of a process of questioning and reflection: for example, what behaviors do we adopt, or what emotions do we feel in a given situation?

It is essential to acquire a good understanding of ourselves in order to promote self-fulfilment, make informed decisions and be able to interact effectively with others. 

All this makes it easier to identify areas for improvement in the human being we are, and to manage our emotions, our relationships with others and conflicts.

What is the link between
Self-knowledge, Motivation and Commitment at work?

Self-knowledge enables us to grasp our own motivations, passions and satisfactions. All of this guides us towards roles and missions that correspond to our values and interests. 

By clearly identifying what motivates us, we can then focus on goals that make sense. This increases our commitment and effectiveness. 

What’s more, self-awareness helps us to manage stress and challenges more effectively. 

This is Newday Care’s added value and its goal: 

To foster a more positive and rewarding work experience.

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Take care of yourself with Newday Care, 

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Newday Care,
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