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There's a healthier way to reach new heights together in business.

Caring is performing

Increase employee commitment by 20% in 6 months with Newday Care

The success of any business depends on a happy team.

Make the choice for the well-being of your employees with our social
performance solution.

Get an ally in creating a fulfilling corporate culture!

6% of employees in France say they are committed to their work

Gallup poll, published by Les Echos, 03/2023

The Newday Care method is popular

The Newday Care method capitalises on professional fulfillment through
concrete commitments:


sick leave







Newday Care works on sur 4 major themes

Prevention of psychosocial risks

Reducing perceived stress and identifying mental workload by integrating a culture of well-being and personalised motivational levers.

The fulfillment of every employee

We firmly believe in the Ikigai method, which guides our actions to help individuals find a harmonious balance between their talents and their passions. By encouraging alignment between these different elements, our solution helps employees to find true job satisfaction and develop their full potential.

Change management

Each employee becomes a key player in change management and managerial transition. Our tailor-made solution facilitates the behavioural adaptation of individuals thanks to a multitude of professional resources and proven tools such as the DISC (communication profiles) and Hersey & Blanchard (situational
leadership) models.

Managing irritants

Newday Care has positioned itself as an essential partner in the regulation of employee and manager difficulties. We provide a complete library of awareness and training courses to strengthen conflict and irritant
management skills within the company.

Our commitment and motivation questionnaires help to identify the levers needed to stimulate achievement and group cohesion.

With Newday Care, challenges become
opportunities for growth and success.

Simple and intuitive, our application has it all!

100% of employees have their say and develop themselves
  • 12 questionnaires inspired by Maslow’s Pyramid with different stages: Basic
    needs (salary and material), security, belonging, self-esteem, fulfilment.
  • MCQs ranging from 30 sec to 10 min (daily to monthly)
  • Gauges to fill in and lists to complete.
  • Take advantage of an automated monthly report and an annual appraisal tool
    that is accessible to 100% of your staff (HR directors, managers, employees).
  • Benefit from a clear visual presentation that makes it easy to identify priority
  • Make comparisons between your teams on different themes for better
    analysis and decision-making.
Our Method makes your employees key players in your social performance.
  • Each questionnaire is followed by short, personalised analyses of the results,
    encouraging each employee and boosting self-confidence and assertiveness
    through kind words that are easy to remember.
  • Social performance support in the form of a complete toolbox with the best
    QWL questionnaires to support and recognise your employees 100%.
  • Multi-format proximity to guarantee ongoing support for employers and their
    employees, with awareness-raising workshops and training sessions
    delivered by our certified coaches every month (trainers/coaches can be
    deployed within 40 days).
  • International support with fully bilingual content (French/English)

…to meet employees’ needs and expectations. A host of social and well-being activities that strengthen cohesion and encourage creativity. Recognised personality tests such as the DISC tool (Marston’s Model), which offers a pedagogical analysis and the possibility of better understanding one’s environment. More than 360 articles and podcasts designed and produced by
our certified and experienced coaches in various fields, such as Institut Repère, Qualiopi, cardiac coherence, yoga therapy, sophrology, osteopathy, neuro-nutrition and naturopathy. Motivational quotes to boost your mind. Constructive, caring training to help your employees get to know themselves
better and develop their talents.

  • No bugs have been reported by Apple or Google since the app was launched.
    Over 70% of employees actively use the app, demonstrating its massive adoption within teams.
  • 3 new pieces of content added to the platform every month, providing a constantly updated and diversified experience.
  • Our application is designed for 10 million simultaneous users.
    Indirect return on investment on the costs of unhappiness at work (estimated
    at €14,000 / year / employee).
  • Fast after-sales service (24-hour commitment to resolve problems)

+20% professional recognition (from 60% to 80%)
+20% increase in interpersonal respect (from 50% to 70%)
-25% less stress felt by teams (down from 65% to 40%)
+15% greater sense of purpose
+10% clearer hierarchical expectations
+15% greater motivation at work, stimulating responsiveness and optimism
+20% more commitment at work
+20% calmer discussions creating a feeling of enhanced communication
+20% overall job satisfaction
These figures show that support and recognition are a given at Newday Care.

With a culture of loyalty and active listening, this solution strengthens bond and allows each employee to feel at home.
The attractiveness of the working environment is optimised, while ensuring health in the workplace. Assertiveness is encouraged, promoting respect for everyone involved.

Responses to the questionnaires are transmitted and stored ultra-securely on
our servers.
Individual responses are not disclosed to the employer-representative. The
employer-representative receives an anonymised collective report.Responses to the questionnaires are transmitted and stored ultra-securely on
our servers.
Individual responses are not disclosed to the employer-representative. The
employer-representative receives an anonymised collective report.


A solution that involve and engages your team


Individual commitment and motivation, for collective benefit, using our
educational and progressive QWL questionnaires, inspired by international
benchmarks in each field.

The expectations and needs of your teams thanks to an up-to-datedashboard. Track visual  results, with monthly updates. Print and distribute your communications internally (HR) and externally (Job satisfaction – QWL /

Build simple action plans. Automatically trigger awareness campaigns and focus on ongoing employee training using a content library updated every

An incredible and passionate team

10 coachs certifiés et professionnels expérimentés prêts à s’engager à vos côtés…

With Newday Care, challenges
become opportunities for growth and success.

The only social performance solution that gives every employee the opportunity to find their place in the company:


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