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How to make your team happy at work


Well-being at work is an essential issue for the success of a company. It contributes not only to the professional development of employees, but also to better overall performance. We invite you to explore together the keys to creating a work environment where everyone feels valued, fulfilled and motivated. In this article, we share with you practical and educational advice on how to make your team happy at work.

Together, we will discuss the importance of building trust and respect, fostering recognition and motivation, promoting work-life balance, investing in training and professional development, and creating a pleasant and stimulating work environment.
So, are you ready to transform your company into a place where everyone enjoys coming to work and to integrate best management practices for optimal well-being at work? Let’s get started!

I. Establish a climate of trust and respect

To build a fulfilled and committed team, it is crucial to create a climate of trust and respect. This will allow everyone to develop and give their best. Here are some tips on how to achieve this : how to make your team happy at work.


I.1 Open and transparent communication:


Fostering transparent and honest communication with your employees will build trust within the team. Encourage dialogue, active listening and mutual understanding. Do not hesitate to share regularly the company’s objectives, successes and challenges, making sure to use clear and accessible language.
Thanks to the questionnaires “Quick Color Quiz”, “Appétences – Motivation Pro” and “Professional Interests” of the Newday Care application, you will be able to know the expectations of your employees. These needs and expectations are simply formulated.


I.2 Valuing the skills of each individual:


Take the time to recognise and value the individual skills of your employees. Show them that you appreciate their work and expertise. This recognition will help to build their confidence, commitment and motivation. This is a tip on how to make your team happy at work.


I.3 Encouraging the expression of ideas and needs:


Create an environment where everyone feels free to express their ideas, opinions and needs without fear of judgment or negative repercussions. This will improve communication and collaboration within the team and encourage innovation.


I.4. Prevention of psychosocial risks:


Be aware of signs of stress or unhappiness among your employees and implement actions to prevent psychosocial risks. For example, offer training on stress management or organise workshops to improve team cohesion.


By creating a climate of trust and respect, you will contribute to creating a work environment where everyone feels supported, valued and motivated to give their best. So don’t wait any longer and put these tips into practice to promote the well-being of your team and thus boost its performance!

II. Encourage recognition and motivation

Recognition and motivation are powerful levers for well-being at work. As a manager, you have an essential role to play in the development of your employees by ensuring that they are motivated and by regularly showing them your appreciation.


II.1 The importance of recognition at work:


Recognition is a basic human need. Expressing gratitude and recognising the efforts of your employees will show them that you appreciate their work and that you are aware of their contribution to the success of the company. Remember that sincere and personalised compliments are often more meaningful than material rewards.


II.2 Setting clear and achievable goals:


To keep your team motivated, it is important to set clear, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) objectives. These objectives will guide the actions of your employees and allow them to measure their progress. To help you in this task, the questionnaire “My. job and me” of the Newday Care application is ideal for this. You can collect your impressions and those of your team on a daily basis, in a transparent and anonymous way. Their concerns, satisfactions, requests and expectations are gathered in this simple and immersive questionnaire.

A report is automatically produced each month. And an action plan specific to the results obtained is published.


II.3 Regular and constructive feedback:


Provide regular, objective and constructive feedback to your employees. Highlight their successes, but do not hesitate to address areas for improvement, accompanying them in finding solutions. Feedback will allow everyone to progress and feel supported in their work.


II.4. Celebrate successes:


Organise convivial moments to celebrate collective and individual successes. These events will strengthen team cohesion and remind everyone of the importance of their work to the company.


By promoting recognition and motivation, you will help create a close-knit, committed and fulfilled team. Remember, happy and motivated employees perform better and are more likely to be engaged in their work. Use these tips to provide your team with a working environment where everyone feels valued and motivated to do their best!

III. Promote work-life balance

Work-life balance is an essential element of well-being at work. As a manager, you can play a key role in helping your employees to maintain this balance and thus promote their development.


III.1 Raising awareness of the importance of balance:


Make your team aware of the importance of maintaining a good work-life balance. Encourage your employees to take breaks, to disconnect from work in their free time and to share their concerns when necessary.


III.2 Flexible working hours and location:


Offer your employees the possibility to adjust their working hours and location according to their personal needs and constraints. Flexibility can help reduce stress, improve quality of life and increase job satisfaction.


III.3 Offer activities to promote relaxation and disconnection:


Offer relaxation and wellness activities to encourage your employees to disconnect from work and recharge their batteries. This can include relaxation workshops, sports sessions or socialising with colleagues.


III.4. Taking individual needs into account:


Be aware of the individual needs and constraints of your employees and adapt your approach accordingly. This can be done through personalised support, special arrangements or by listening carefully to their concerns.


By promoting work-life balance, you will contribute to a healthy and fulfilling work environment for your employees. Remember that a balanced employee is more likely to be engaged in his or her work and to perform well. Put these tips into practice to provide your team with a work environment that is conducive to well-being and professional growth!

IV. Invest in training and professional development

Professional development is a crucial aspect of well-being at work, as it allows employees to progress, learn new skills and feel valued. As a manager, it is important to support and encourage the training and career development of your employees.


IV.1 Setting up continuous and adapted training:


Offer regular and tailored training to your employees to help them develop their skills and stay up to date in their field. Training can be provided internally, externally or online, depending on availability and preference.


IV.2 Supporting employees in their career development:


Support and accompany your employees in their career development projects, helping them to identify their goals, define an action plan and overcome obstacles. Show them that you are committed to their success and professional development.


IV.3 Encouraging innovation and learning:


Create a work environment that encourages innovation, curiosity and learning. Invite your employees to share their ideas, explore new approaches and learn from each other. This will help to build team spirit and motivation. And reach your goal: how to make your team happy at work.


IV.4 Recognition of acquired skills:


Value the skills and knowledge acquired by your staff through training and work experience. This will encourage them to continue to learn and develop, while strengthening their sense of belonging and motivation.


By investing in the training and professional development of your team, you will contribute to their growth and well-being at work. Competent and confident employees are more engaged, more productive and more willing to invest in their work. Use these tips to provide your team with the best development opportunities and a challenging and rewarding work environment!

V. Creating a pleasant and stimulating work environment

The working environment plays a crucial role in the well-being of employees. A pleasant, comfortable and stimulating working environment promotes concentration, creativity and collaboration. As a manager, you can help improve the working environment of your team by following these tips.


V.1 Designing the workspace:


Make sure that work spaces are ergonomic, well-lit and adapted to the needs of each individual. Consider including relaxation areas, collaboration zones and individual workstations to accommodate different preferences and activities.


V.2 Decoration and atmosphere:


Create a warm and inspiring atmosphere by decorating the space with soothing colours, plants and artwork. Also encourage your employees to personalise their workspace so that they feel comfortable and motivated.


V.3. Promote conviviality and team building:


Organise friendly activities and events to strengthen the bonds between team members and create a climate of trust and collaboration. This can include joint lunches, creative workshops or group outings.


V.4. Consideration of physical and mental well-being:


Pay attention to the physical and mental well-being of your employees by offering solutions to improve their comfort at work. For example, make ergonomic equipment available, organise active breaks or relaxation sessions to reduce stress.

These possibilities are available through the Newday Care application with the “Weather of the Heart” questionnaire, which collects the emotions of each employee.


By creating a pleasant and stimulating work environment, you will contribute to improving the well-being and satisfaction of your employees. A healthy and fulfilling work environment promotes productivity, creativity and employee engagement. Put these tips into practice to provide your team with a work environment that is conducive to their growth and success!


In conclusion, well-being at work is a major issue for companies and managers today. A healthy, fulfilling and stimulating work environment not only contributes to improving employee satisfaction and commitment, but also to strengthening the company’s performance and competitiveness.


To make your team happy and fulfilled, don’t hesitate to put into practice the tips discussed in this article, including building trust and respect, fostering recognition and motivation, promoting work-life balance, investing in training and professional development, and creating a pleasant and stimulating work environment.


The Newday Care application is your ideal partner to ensure that your employees receive this daily support. Each of them receives the advice, analysis and support they need every day.
By following these recommendations and being attentive to the needs and aspirations of your employees, you can create a positive and caring company culture, where everyone feels valued, supported and motivated to give their best. Remember, happy and fulfilled employees are the key to the success and sustainability of your business. So put these tips into practice and work together for the well-being and success of all!