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How to give meaning and desire to work?


Well-being at work is a major issue in the professional world. Companies are constantly looking for how to give meaning and desire to work, to find ways to make work more meaningful and desirable. There are several ways to improve the quality of life and working conditions (QWL) for their employees. Internal employee surveys have emerged as a popular tool for gathering valuable information about the working atmosphere, expectations and needs of employees. But are these surveys really beneficial for the employees themselves, or are they just a false good idea? This article looks at the advantages and disadvantages of internal surveys for employees, and suggests ways in which you can make the most of them.

1. Giving meaning and desire in the company: internal surveys

A. Expressing your feelings freely

Internal surveys offer employees a unique opportunity to share their opinions, concerns and expectations about their work environment. In this way, employees feel listened to and valued, strengthening their commitment and motivation.


B. Identifying psychosocial risks and areas for improvement

Internal surveys allow the detection of possible psychosocial risks and problems of well-being at work that might otherwise go unnoticed. They provide a precise and quantified diagnosis of the challenges to be met in order to improve the quality of life and working conditions (QWL) in the company.


C. Fostering communication and dialogue between employees and management

Internal surveys facilitate communication between employees and management. They enable a constructive dialogue to be established around the issues of well-being at work and working conditions. The exchanges that result from the survey results foster collaboration and trust between the different levels of management, thus contributing to better team cohesion and a more serene working climate.

2. Limits and risks of internal company surveys

A. Employees’ fear of expressing themselves freely and sincerely

One of the major challenges of internal company surveys is to ensure the sincerity of employees’ responses. Some employees may fear retaliation or negative consequences if they express their true concerns and feelings.


B. Biases in design and interpretation of results

The design of internal surveys and the interpretation of results can be subject to bias, such as poorly worded questions, overly restrictive response options or analytical errors.


C. The need to complement surveys with other evaluation tools

Internal surveys should not be seen as the only tool for assessing well-being at work and working conditions (QWL). They should be complemented by other assessment methods, such as individual interviews, field observations or participatory workshops.

3. Good practices for making use of internal surveys

Maximising the benefits of in-house surveys and mitigating their limitations requires good practice. Here are some tips for optimising their impact on well-being and working conditions (QWL). 


A. Ensure anonymity and confidentiality

Make sure that employees’ responses are anonymous and confidential, so that they can express themselves truthfully and without fear of repercussions.


B. Involve employees in the process

Include employees in defining the questions asked. Including them in the analysis of the results avoids bias and increases employee commitment and motivation.


C. Develop concrete action plans and monitor their implementation

Internal surveys should lead to concrete actions to improve well-being and working conditions (QWL). Monitor their implementation and evaluate their impact.

Conclusion: Making the most of internal surveys for well-being at work

To sum up, internal surveys offer opportunities for employees and the company if they are approached with discernment and by following the good practices mentioned. They promote dialogue, motivation and well-being at work. These are the first steps on how to give meaning and desire to work.

Share your experiences and thoughts on internal surveys. What benefits and challenges have you encountered? What good practices have you applied to get the most out of them?

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